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Competitours — One of The Best Travel Competitions Ever

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Toronto Team

Looking For an ‘Amazing Race’ Competitive Surprise Vacation?

Competitors 2015: Follow The Team Awesome Duo

10 Reasons Why You Should Go On Competitours

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Richmond Team

Europe With A Twist, In Case You’ve “Been There Done That”

Competitours (You’ve Never Traveled Like This Before)

Stepping out of my comfort zone with Competitours

5 reasons Competitours is better than the ‘Amazing Race’

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Going Beyond The Guidebook

Team Blogs

Cleveland / Los Ángeles Team Blog

Cleveland, OH Team Blog

Vancouver, BC Team Blog

Portland, OR Team Blog

Ft. Myers, FL Team Blog

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“Mystery Vacation Trend”

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“Amazing Race Wannabees”

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“Reconnect As A Family-Type Vacations”

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“Amazing Race For The  Rest Of Us”

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“Joe Traveler Can Join Amazing Race”

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“Go On Your OWN Amazing Race”

Travel Blogger Reviews

“The Amazing Race for Regular People”

Target Market — 50 plus

“European travel game”

Seasoned Traveler Finds European Adventure with Competitours

Target Market – Family With Teens

“Unique Europe experience for families”Competitours: A Unique Way to Experience Europe as a Family

Competitours – Bond the Family Team on a Challenge Tour of Europe

Competitours — Vacation a la The Amazing Race with Your Teen or Tween

 Target Market – Family With Teens

Competitours – Bond the Family Team on a Challenge Tour of Europe

Memories Last A LifeTime

An amazing travel competition that will give you memories to last a lifetime

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Competitours: Vacation a la The Amazing Race with Your Teen or Tween

Amazing Race Rejects Keep Climbing

The Amazing Race for Regular People

Competitours: Taking Adventure Travel to a New Level

Highlight Reel Video: 11 Day European Adventure “Competitours”

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