Competitours: Vacation a la The Amazing Race with Your Teen or Tween

By Erin Gifford for

I’ve long been a fan of The Amazing Race. The teams go to the most amazing locales and compete in so many fun challenges. If you’ve ever wanted to travel and compete in challenges in the style of The Amazing Race, and even better, do so with your kids, then look into Competitours.

I recently read about Competitours on another travel website and knew I had to get more details. Competitours has been running 13-day challenge-style vacations for the last six years. They take 12 two-person teams and send them on challenges throughout Western Europe in cities like Rome, Munich, Barcelona, even Salzburg and Cinque Terre. All cities are kept under wraps until the games begin.

Challenges range from culinary activities, like an Iron Chef-style competition in a hillside villa in Italy in which all teams compete side-by-side, to soft adventure activities, like sliding down an alpine coaster in the French Alps. Teams may also find themselves engaging in activities like mask making or glass blowing, even scavenger hunts and dance competitions.