Amazing Race rejects keep climbing

By Jenn Martin and Jennifer Foden Wilson for the Chronicle Herald:

“Make sure you’re never unclipped from the cable,” we heard someone say as we stared in silence at the rock outcrop before us. “Oh, and by the way, they call this one the devil.”

The mountain sat with accomplished silence in the middle of the Swiss Alps: an almighty, snow-sheathed beauty that we were to summit on the fourth day on our Amazing Race-style tour of Europe. Others in our group looked terrified; we were exhilarated.

Having found something so perfectly suited to our adventurous sensibilities, we looked at each other with barely contained glee, thinking exactly the same thing: this is our jam. Experiences like this were exactly why we had come here in the first place.

This fondness for adventure may have worked against us had we actually been cast on the second season of the Amazing Race Canada (put your hands up season 2 rejects!). Instead of deciding who would have to jump out of a plane on the CTV reality show’s first Road Block, we would have likely been squabbling over who got the pleasure.