5 Reasons Competitours is Better Than “The Amazing Race”

2014 team from Richmond, VA and Travel Blogger

In the fall of 2010, my husband and I were fresh off our honeymoon to Mexico and then a second, even-better vacation to Alaska. We had also been on half a dozen summer camping trips, a “local” getaway to Assateague Island and Ocean City, whitewater rafting in West Virginia, and a dip down into North Carolina. In short, we had been bitten by the travel bug…or more accurately, the adventure bug. With no known antidote, we gave in to the infection and sent in a video audition for The Amazing Race. Unfortunately, we never got a call back.

For the next few years, we planned our own adventures in short spurts, enjoying travel, outdoor activities, and creating great memories. Then, this past spring, we signed up for the “next best thing” to the official Amazing Race. With nine other pairs, we met in Ghent, Belgium for the start of a travel competition known as Competitours. For ten days, we’d race around Europe — destinations unknown — and complete a series of challenges. At the time, we had no idea that the “next best thing” would be even better than the Amazing Race itself.